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In the fast-moving beverage landscape, High Noon Hard Seltzers stand out for their inventive spirit and lifestyle appeal. This blog explores the different variety packs of high noon, in addition to their individual flavors and ways to enjoy them. Join us at Pascale's Wine & Liquors in Fayetteville, NY (105 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY 13066), to discover the exciting world of High Noon Hard Seltzers!

What Are High Noon Hard Seltzers?

High Noon Hard Seltzers emerged as a fresh face in the growing hard seltzer market, which has grown in popularity in recent years. Launched by E. & J. Gallo, High Noon stood out by focusing on a distinct market. Unlike many of its competitors, who use fermented cane sugar or malted barley, High Noon makes its seltzers with real vodka distilled from corn, and sparkling water infused with real fruit juice. This approach not only provided a distinct taste but also aligned well with the growing consumer preference for transparency and natural ingredients in alcoholic beverages.

The brand quickly rose to popularity, capitalizing on the growing popularity of health-conscious drinking. High Noon's hard seltzers are gluten-free, low in calories, and free of added sugar, making them ideal for a health-conscious audience. Their marketing strategy centered on emphasizing these characteristics, which appealed to consumers seeking lighter, more refreshing alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. The timing of High Noon's launch was critical, as it coincided with a larger shift in drinking habits toward lighter, more refreshing options that could be enjoyed in a variety of social settings.

High Noon's rise to popularity was also a result of clever branding and strategic alliances. The brand used clever marketing strategies, such as sponsorships and collaborations with well-known events and influencers, to establish itself as a fun, accessible option for social gatherings. It successfully carved out a niche in the hard seltzer market by combining a unique product offering with effective marketing, establishing itself as a consumer favorite in a rapidly growing category.

High Noon Flavor Variations

Snowbird 8 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

The limited-edition Snowbird 8 Pack is intended to brighten your season with sun-ripened flavors. It offers exclusive Plum and Raspberry varieties and caters to those who enjoy a variety of sweet, fruity beverages. 

Tropical 8 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

The Tropical 8 Pack offers an island getaway in a can, with watermelon, mango, passionfruit, and pineapple flavors. These bright, sunny flavors evoke a mini-vacation, ideal for an afternoon of imaginary island hopping with friends. Whether enjoyed at beach parties or low-key weekend gatherings, the pack's tropical flavor adds a touch of paradise to any setting.

Tailgate 8-Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

This limited-edition mix pack includes two cans each of the Black Cherry, Pear, Cranberry, and Grapefruit flavors. Made with real vodka and fruit juice for a refreshing taste with every sip. With a variety to suit all tastes, this pack is a top choice for sporting events and beyond. The Tailgate Pack offers a delectable medley of flavors to complement good times and great company.

Variety 8 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

The Variety 8 Pack, which includes Pineapple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Black Cherry flavors, appeals to those with adventurous tastes. Perfect for those looking for a variety of fruity, sparkling beverages to suit any occasion, from picnics to parties. This pack is ideal for those who enjoy trying out new flavor combinations. 

Tequila Seltzer Variety 8 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

This 8 Pack is designed for tequila lovers, combining real Blanco tequila with fruit juice in Strawberry, Lime, Grapefruit, and Passionfruit flavors. It adds a refreshing twist to traditional tequila cocktails by incorporating seltzer. These unique combinations, whether sipped straight or mixed into signature drinks, provides an invigorating twist on traditional flavors. 

Standard Variety 12 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

The Standard Variety 12 Pack features Pineapple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Black Cherry flavors for a diverse taste tour. This extensive collection is ideal for sharing among friends while discovering your favorite High Noon seltzer. This pack is ideal for entertaining occasions where a wide range of options is a must.

El Pres 12 Pack High Noon Hard Seltzers

This limited-edition El Pres 12 Pack, featuring flavors handpicked by Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, includes top-rated High Noon seltzers. With Passionfruit, Pineapple, Pear, and new Tangerine varieties, there is something for everyone.

Individual Flavors

Plum High Noon Hard Seltzer

Part of the exclusive High Noon Snowbird Pack, Plum offers a rich blend of caramelized plum sweetness, embodying winter's cool charm. Each sip delivers a lively, juicy burst, ideal for après-ski relaxation or a chilled evening. This hard seltzer, with its unique plum essence, is perfect for those seeking a refreshing twist to their winter beverage selection.

Lemon High Noon Hard Seltzer

Lemon is bright, citrusy and energizes any gathering. Its zesty flavor is crisp and refreshing, making it ideal for both lively parties and relaxing afternoons. This soda, infused with the spirit of sunshine and levity, adds a playful fizz to all of life's big and small moments.

Raspberry High Noon Hard Seltzer

Part of the High Noon Snowbird Pack, Raspberry is a delightful mix of sweet and sour, bringing sunny vibes to colder days. Its perfectly balanced raspberry flavor makes it a refreshingly sweet choice for winter gatherings or cozy nights in, infusing a bit of summer into every sip.

Black Cherry High Noon Hard Seltzer

Black Cherry, with a tangy-sweet burst of flavor, sets the tone for spontaneous rooftop gatherings or relaxed fun with friends. Its bubbling, lively profile makes it popular among those who seek adventure in their beverages. Bubbly and bright, Black Cherry exudes a playful spirit of spontaneity with each sip.

Peach High Noon Hard Seltzer

Peach, bursting with sun-kissed sweetness, embodies the carefree spirit of summer. Its ripe, juicy flavor makes it ideal for lounging on the front porch, hanging out by the lake, or casual gatherings with friends. Peach is perfectly refreshing and adds a touch of indulgence to easygoing afternoons, reminding you to savor every relaxed moment under the sunshine.

Lime High Noon Hard Seltzer

Lime, with its mouthwateringly tart profile, adds a splash of vibrancy to any gathering. Whether it's boosting the flavors of a casual Mexican fiesta or energizing your regular social gatherings, its tangy verve makes it a go-to choice for those looking for a little extra excitement. 

Pineapple High Noon Hard Seltzer

Pineapple triggers the spirit of tropical holidays, making it ideal for daytime waterside sipping. Its sweet yet tart flavor is ideal for those seeking an exotic escape, infusing any casual or festive gathering with the taste of distant shores. Whether enjoyed in cocktails, mocktails, or on its own, pineapple brings a little slice of paradise stateside.

Watermelon High Noon Hard Seltzer

Watermelon, a staple of summer gatherings, pairs perfectly with backyard barbecues and festive celebrations. Its refreshing, easy-going taste makes it ideal for relaxed weekends with friends, encapsulating the essence of carefree summer days. Whether enjoyed as is or incorporated into mixed drinks, watermelon evokes the spirit of warm weather and good company.

Grapefruit High Noon Hard Seltzer

Grapefruit, with its sparkling and pleasantly zesty flavor, is a crowd favorite that livens up any social gathering. Its slightly feisty but completely refreshing flavor makes it an excellent choice for energetic parties or as a spirited accompaniment to light meals and snacks. This seltzer's tang and fizz combination is ideal for outdoor gatherings or as a lovely accent to a festive breakfast setting.

How to Enjoy High Noon During Every Season


  • Imagine a blooming garden party where the crisp, citrusy notes of lime or grapefruit high noon complement light and fresh appetizers like citrus-infused ceviche or spring rolls.
  • Add a sprig of mint or basil to your seltzer for an aromatic touch.
  • For a unique twist, freeze High Noon with bits of fruit or edible flowers to make visually stunning ice cubes that gradually infuse extra flavor into your drink as they melt in the gentle spring breeze.


  • Flavors like pineapple and watermelon are popular at beach parties and backyard barbecues alike.
  • Blend your favorite flavor with ice to make a High Noon slushie, or add a splash of lemonade to a Peach High Noon for a refreshing summer drink.
  • For a tropical twist, combine Mango High Noon with a dash of chili powder and a salt rim on the glass for a sweet and spicy kick.


  • The Cranberry and Pear flavors work well with the season's palette.
  • On a crisp evening, enjoy a High Noon hard seltzer with a platter of aged cheeses and spiced fruit chutneys.
  • Mix Pear High Noon with ginger beer and a cinnamon stick to make a refreshing yet warming autumn cocktail.
  • For a Halloween party, make spooky-themed drinks with Black Cherry High Noon, blackberries, and a drizzle of grenadine for a 'bloody' effect.


  • Consider sipping a heated Passionfruit High Noon infused with a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple, which provides comforting warmth with a tropical flair.
  • During holiday parties, a Raspberry High Noon mixed with prosecco and pomegranate juice makes a stunning holiday spritzer.
  • For a luxurious and festive New Year's cocktail, combine Black Cherry High Noon with dark chocolate liqueur and garnish with a cherry or a twist of orange peel for extra elegance.


Discover a wide range of High Noon Hard Seltzer flavors at Pascale's Wine & Liquors. Our guide highlights their unique taste and health-conscious benefits, perfect for year-round enjoyment. Looking for winter cocktail inspiration? For those looking to liven up their winter, we have a blog that offers a wider range of winter cocktail recipes that perfectly complement the chilly season. Visit us at 105 Towne Drive in Fayetteville, NY, for a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Begin your flavor adventure online at www.pascaleswineandliquors.com or call (315) 355-6222 for expert recommendations from our extensive collection.